Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor and Polymath.

Nicholas James Hurley is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Executive Agents. Nick’s life passion is focused on enabling people to discover and see themselves as far bigger and greater than they initially thought possible.

Beyond working to boldly help senior-level executives get to the top of their game by leading the Melbourne office of Executive Agents, he demonstrates his passion for people through his volunteer work as a communications coach.

In his spare time Nick works as an actor, brand ambassador and model. His image currently features in all major Apple Stores globally on the new MacBook eGPU, is the face of Peter Jackson’s Menswear and Mountfords Shoes.

Nick has an immense passion for enabling and empowering others. He is working to be highly trained in listening for and reliably delivering that which makes a real difference in what people are dealing with and what they really care about.

He recently completed the highly intensive Introduction Leaders Programme at Landmark Worldwide.

In June 2017 he completed the intensive Team, Management and Leadership Programme.

He frequently performs as communications coach and has also created and led effective communication workshops within the corporations in which he has worked.

University of Melbourne

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Monash University

Bachelor of Engineering with First Class Honours

Imperial College

Master of Science with Merit in Transport

UCL London

Master of Science with Merit in Transport

Chartered Financial Analyst ®

CFA Institute, Charlottesville, USA

With Carrington Brigham, Nick creates a weekly political debate podcast, Swiping Left or Right, talking about the issues people don’t want to bring up on Facebook.

Respectfully discussing and debating the issues of today, the duo either swipes left or right but also swipes back to the centre on contentious issues.

They both strongly defend and promote their ideas and values but always come back together for a wine by the end of the show – because that’s the Aussie way.

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Nick also shares his finance and investment ideas on a daily podcast Australian Early Finance Briefing with Nick.

Recent topics include:

  • Yield curve control
  • GST Reform
  • Equity valuation
  • Factor investing

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